Garden Of My Dreams by Ali Khalil



DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 70.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Impressionist
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2951-0150-01
COPYRIGHT © Ali Khalil
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Artist: Ali Khalil


Education and Degrees:
• Ph.D in Art Sciences (fine & applied arts,design & architecture ) 1985
Academy of St.Peter’s Burg ,Repin Institute , Russia.
• M.A in art , Fine Arts Academy,Repen Institute, 1977
St .Petersburg ,Russia .
Professional & Academical Experience:
• Worked in Al-Fateh University as assistant prof. ,Faculty of Arts,Trippoli,Libya. 1989-1996
• Worked as a lecturer in Faculty of Architecture,Damascus University. 1997-2000
• Worked as a lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts,Damascus University. 1997-1999
• Worked in the field of designing and editting books’ covers and illustrations.
• Worked in designing and carrying out decorations, clothing and paintings for
several Syrian TV series, as well as several theater plays in Syria between 1996 –1999.
• A member of Syrian Artist Guild since 1977.
• A member of Arab Artists Union .
• Worked as assistant prof. in the “Applied Sciences University “, Jordan 2000-2009
• Worked as assistant prof. in the “University of Kalamoon “, Syria 2009-2010
• Worked as assistant prof. in the “International University for Science &
Technology “,Syria 2010-present
• Published many papers in academical journals
• Authur of a book titled (The school of Russian “Itinerant Artists”), published
by The Syrian Ministry of Culture, 2011
• Became an Associate Professor in 2011
Group Exhibitions:
• Has participated in all official exhibition in Syria and abroad since 1977.
• Won the second award for participating in Arab Teshreen compitition in 1980.
• Participated in the unniversary exhibition of the Soveit Union Artists in 1983.
• Participated in the Bienalle of Alixandria,Egypt, in 1999
Individual Exhibitions:
• Al-shaab Gallery,Damascus in 1980.
• Ashtar Gallery,Damascus in 1987.
• Arab National Museum,aleppo in 1989.
• Art’s House,Tripoli,Libya in 1996.
• Damascus Gallry for Fine Arts,Damascus in 1998.
• Gallery of Kuwaiti Association for Fine Arts,Kuwait in 2000.
• Ashtar Gallery,Damascus in 2004.
His paintings are purchased by:
• The National Museum,Damascus
• Museum of the Unknown Soldier,Damascus
• Ministry of Culture in Syria
• Various unions and governmental establishments in Syria.
• The People’s Palace in Libya
As well as many private sales worldwide, such as:
Russia- Poland- The United states – Canada- Cyprus- Malta- Italy –Austria- Tripoli (Libya )-
Lebanon-Saudi Arabia.

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